5  Yahoo Group

Summary:  We have set up a free Yahoo group, where local Williamsport-area webmasters  can discuss issues relating to their web pages.

For More Info About Yahoo Groups:

Browsing Previous Messages:

You can browse previous messages in the Yahoo group, by going to the BilltownWeb Yahoo Group home page, and clicking the "Messages" link in the left side bar.


To Join

Email me your name, city of residence, and contact phone number.  


  • Normally you can join a Yahoo group simply by sending a "blank" email to a subscribe address.  But since this group will probably be a small group, I want more control over who joins it.
  • Eligibility:  You MUST be somewhere near the local Wiliamsport Pennsylvania area, and be someone I have talked to and am familiar with.

Two Things To Note

  • Your email address is safe.  The only person that sees it is me, when I put it in the database.
  • You can leave the group ("unsubscribe" yourself) any time you want.  You do this by sending a "blank" email (no subject, no body) to groupname-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com .


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