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I've lately been building most of these sites on Blogger, since:

(a) They allow multiple user IDs for the website, which means the owner can have one or more login IDs, and I can have my own login ID to assist them with editing.  When they no longer need my assistance, they reduce my privileges or remove my privileges entirely.

(b) They allow you to easily BACK UP the website to a ".xml" file.

(c) The blogs have the financial backing of Google -- i.e. more stability hopefully.

(d) They don't limit the number of websites you can build.  Weebly limits you to two, and Yola limits you to five.

A. Blogger Examples (Google)


B. More Blogger Examples 

  1. AmishBuilders.blogspot.com - Turbotville- Amish Builders
  2. AutoControls.blogspot.com - Williamsport
  3. BallroomForBenefits.com - Lock Haven, Pa
  4. EastPennDance.com - Emmaus, Pa
  5. MiltonMooseFamilyCenter.org
  6. NewHorizonsForSingles.com
  7. RailNet.blogspot.com - Williamsport
  8. SinglesDances.net - Williamsport
  9. SocialOrganizationForSingles.org - Williamsport
  10. SusquehannaSgaugers.blogspot.com - Williamsport
  11. TandJTrainJunction.com - Danville
  12. ToyTrainExpo.org - Williamsport
  13. WhistleStopTrainShow.com - Williamsport

    C. More Misc. Examples of Local Blogs

  14. 88crx.blogspot.com - Williamsport - Adding Cruise Control to 1988 Crx
  15. CatawissaTrackCleaners.com - Catawissa
  16. GaryAndBonnie.com - Muncy
  17. PaDanceNet.com 
  18. ScrantonDance.com - Scranton
  19. whs1954.com - Williamsport High School Class of 1954

    D. Under Construction

  20. BobbyLines.com - Sunbury
  21. LooseTiesPhotos.blogspot.com - Lewisburg - publicity photos
  22. Wnbrrhs.blogspot.com - Picture Rocks


You can see other examples built by other people in the "changing box" at the bottom center of the Weebly.com home page.


This is my preferred site at the moment for appearance.  It's limited, but simple to use.
  • It seems to have less control of the text than Yola.
  • I can't find any way to change the font type.


This website,  'BilltownWeb.com', is an example built by me, using Yola.  You can see examples built by other people on the 'Yola Featured Sites' page.

Microsoft Office Small Business

These pages work nice -- EXCEPT after adding Google Analytics code, the pages seem to have a tendency to "hang" when loaded with Internet Explorer.  Some example these are linked on the "Example Page on MS Office web page", but be WARNED, this page may "hang" if you're using Internet Explorer (use FireFox).

E. Getting Divorced From Billtown Web

BilltownWeb registers the domain name in YOUR name, and provides YOU with the user-id and password to control it.  Thus if you find a system in the future that better suits you needs for a web page, you can simply "redirect" your domain name to the new web page, at the new location.

E. "Out-Of-Service" BilltownWeb Pages

(page modified 5/89/2012)

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