6  We Can Do It For You

The Billtown Web staff (aka James Ingram) can register the domain name and set up the website for you, and train you how to update it, and then "turn it over to you" so you can maintain it yourself.  We will provide a written document with the key passwords and other information you need to remember. 

The charge for this is currently about $200.00.


What This Includes

  • Search-for, advise, and register a domain name for you for 1 year
  • Create a banner for the top of the page. (I can use your logo, if you can get it emailed to me in JPG or GIF or PDF format).
  • Set up the web page (blog), using up to 5 pages of text and/or up to 30 photos provided by you
  • Produce a 10-page PDF document documenting passwords, web page login addresses, and some basics of blog editing.
  • Provide 2 hours of demonstration/training on how to "navigate" GoDaddy.com and Blogger.com to update the blog and other simple operations.


Future Updates To Your Page

If further updates are necessary and you don't want to do the updates yourself, keep in mind that you can likely find a family member that can do this for you. I believe you could also "subcontract" this to a concientious high school student.


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