Inexpensive, Easy-to-maintain Web Pages!

Billtown Web's purpose is to assist people in the Williamsport Pa vicinity who desire a web page, but do not yet have one.
We can show you a simple method, that you can use to build a '.com' or '.net' web page for about $9/year, and easily update it yourself.  

Billtown Web can advise you what you need to do -- via instructions on this web page and accompanying videos. 

As an optional service, we can for a small charge, do the complete process for you of registering your domain name and setting up the web page, and then "turn it over" to you, so that you can easily update it yourself in the future.  See Page 6 "We Do It" for details.


 The Method

This is done by (1) purchasing a domain name for about $9/year from or a similar low-cost registrar, and (2) using it with a free web page from,,, Microsoft Small Office, or or a similar service. 

These free web pages are very easy to update -- almost like sending an email. 

Blogger Extras:  If you use the web pages, you can even give multiple people "update privileges", each with their own password, and you can even set it up so that a person can update only a single page or two, but cannot disturb anything on the rest of the website.

Yahoo Discussion Group

Join our free Yahoo email discussion group "BilltownWeb", where you can swap ideas with other local webmasters.


Contact Us For Questions

Call me (James Ingram) if you have
questions about any of this. 

Leave a message on my voice mail number
(570) 322-7597, and I'll return your call.  

Or email me if the question is short. 

How To Videos

There is an amateur YouTube video that demonstrates how you can use a blog for a web page.  
There is a 2nd YouTube video that gives an overview of registering a domain name.

You can also contact us for a no-obligation, hands-on, "you drive it" demonstration of what you see in the videos.  

- page updated 2/09/2010 --

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