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Update 10/1/2010:  I've lately been building most of these sites on Blogger, since they allow multiple user IDs for the website, which means I can have an ID to assist people with editing.


You can see other examples built by other people in the "changing box" at the bottom center of the Weebly.com home page.


This website,  'BilltownWeb.com', is an example built by me, using Yola.  You can see examples built by other people on the 'Yola Featured Sites' page.

Blogger (Google)

About 20 Williamsport-area blog examples can be viewed from the 'examples page' of the predecessor site at NineDollarWeb.com

Microsoft Office Small Business

These pages work nice -- EXCEPT after adding Google Analytics code, the pages seem to have a tendency to "hang" when loaded with Internet Explorer.  Some example these are linked on the "Example Page on MS Office web page", but be WARNED, this page may "hang" if you're using Internet Explorer (use FireFox).

Which Of These Four To Recommend

Things change so fast on the internet, it's difficult to keep up with this stuff.  Below are my current opinions.


This is my preferred site at the moment.  It's limited, but simple to use.
  • It seems to have less control of the text than Yola.
  • I can't find any way to change the font type.


This BilltownWeb.com site is built on Yola.  Yola works fine, but there are two things that I don't like:
  • I can't get the domain name to show properly in the address window.
  • I can't find any way to move an element (group of text and photos) from one page to another page.  You have to rebuild all the elements a 2nd time on the page you want to move it to.

Blogger: (Google)

Using the blogs as a web page is not quite as simple as Weebly and Yola, but they should be considered for a group's web page for the following reasons:
  • You can give multiple people access to the blog - each with their own login ID and password.  You can later remove their privileges, if they no longer need access to update it.
  • You can set it up so a particular person has privileges to edit only one or two pages, so they cannot accidentally disturb anything on the rest of the website.
  • Information can be copied or moved from one page to another.  The whole blog can be easily backed up to to an "xml file", and parts or all of it can be copied to another blog site.

(page modified 10/1/2010)

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